Welcome to NACS, and thank you for your interest. Our company, NACS, provides a full range of corporate services and associated offshore companies for companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs who wish to streamline and significantly cost reduce their international operations, protect their assets, manage intellectual property, etc. We are well known among the thousands of our present and former clients (and their associates) working in many industries around the world for providing the highest quality and most dependable corporate services available anywhere internationally today, under heavy time pressures, and all with complete long term confidentiality.

Are you one of the following?

  • An international business or entrepreneur involved in international trade operations and wanting to legally minimise costs.
  • An international professional (consultant, entertainment, etc.,) wishing to achieve valuable tax savings via an offshore based personal services company.
  • A business or individual needing a low cost holding company for the protection and growth management of assets held in a variety of locations, to achieve benefits such as: significantly reduced tax exposures, complete confidentiality, greatly reduced probate delays, etc.
  • A business or individual wishing to legally protect property and land holdings from various local country taxes.
  • A business or individual wishing to legally hold intellectual property offshore for reduced tax exposure while licensing and distributing it around the world.
  • A business wishing to lower costs of international treasury operations, or to lower risks of assets arising from local uncertainties, or to optimally balance tax credits against dividends,..
  • A qualified party wishing to set up a tax protected investment trust, or mutual fund, etc.
  • A business wishing to operate ships under a low cost, tax exempt, flag of convenience.
  • A qualified individual who wishes to obtain another citizenship.
  • An international business or entrepreneur wishing to open operations in China with minimum risk, who has heard of the problems which face unassisted newcomers there.

If your situation falls into one or more of these categories, or something similar, we can probably assist you to significantly reduce costs, manage risks more acceptably, etc., via our offshore companies and our wide range of associated international corporate services. To date, NACS, and other operations I have run, have assisted more than 3000 individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses (from over 20 different economic sectors in more than 30 countries) to legally save significant amounts of money in their operations, while in numbers of cases considerably reducing risk, and to do it all with complete long term confidentiality.

You can rapidly find more information about NACS specifically, and offshore operations in general, as you walk through our web site. You can also call or e-mail me, or our offices in Hong Kong and China. We will get back to you right away. Initial consultations are free and without obligation from you.


Stella Y.S. Ho

Managing Director