North Asia Corporate Services, Limited (NACS) is a Hong Kong based company that specializes in helping international entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals make their international operations

  • more profitable,
  • better protected, and
  • more professionally operated and managed.

At times, we also provide other important services for qualified international business people, such as helping them to legally secure other passports. We also specialize in assisting with the challenging task of setting up (or revamping) and operating successful Chinese business ventures for international clients.

Optimal international operations:

The common need that most of our clients have is for a new operational structure to be developed and implemented legally for more efficient and cost effective international operations.

This need applies whether the client is:

  • an entrepreneur seeking to establish or improve a new international business, or
  • a business or businessman seeking to establish or improve international trading operations, or
  • a business or a professional seeking to distribute intellectual property internationally, to gain more profit and with all proper protection (e.g. music, patents, copyrighted software), or
  • a professional seeking to sell expert services internationally, while maximizing profits.
  • It also applies to property and other assets where the present owner wishes to minimize the exposure of the assets to taxes and duties.

Offshore companies:

This common need is generally fulfilled by organizing the international operations being considered (trading, expert personnel services, intellectual property distribution, asset management, etc.) under an international company formed in another countryˇ¦s jurisdiction that permits a more favorable operational cost profile. These companies are known as offshore companies, and there is a quite number of countries offering them today - with considerable benefits to the owners of the offshore companies and long histories of absolutely safe operation. And all this is done perfectly legally, and with total confidentiality. Naturally, we strongly recommend that you consult with your legal advisers and accountants to verify that the offshore option applies in your particular situation.

NACS has developed a great deal of in-house expertise in setting up and operating such offshore companies: we set up, sell, and operate offshore companies in more than 25 different countries today, whose operations cover more than 20 economic sectors. Most of our clients tend to need offshore companies that come from a small selection of this large number of attractive offshore jurisdictions. However, there are very valid special situations where the offshore company characteristics offered by other jurisdictions may have very real value, and again NACS has developed the required experience to enable its clients to have complete confidence in all offshore jurisdictions offered.

Offshore companies in the most important jurisdictions can either be rapidly bought off-the-shelf from NACS (and renamed if desired), or formed at the clientˇ¦s request. Either way, the offshore company resulting will have absolutely no liabilities when it is acquired.

NACS supplies supporting services for offshore companies:

When international operations are to be placed under an offshore company, the entrepreneur or business must also develop and implement a plan to ensure that the day to day operation of the new offshore company is set up and maintained as professionally and cost effectively as possible. NACS also directly provides many of the most important management and operational services needed for the cost effective and professional operation of an offshore company. NACS has been providing a full range of the most important corporate support services for its offshore company clients for many years now. In many cases NACS provides the services directly with its established staff of in-house professionals. NACS also provides certain specialized services via its long established international network of experts. NACS has long been recognized internationally for providing the highest quality corporate services available in the industry.

These management services range across the following:

  • Corporate administration and corporate secretarial services
  • Corporate management and financial services
  • Trade services
  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Trust and tax services
  • Liquidation services
  • Patent, trademark, copyright and ship registration services
  • China business develop0ment services

Some words on the Managing Director of NACS, and NACS's clients:

Ms. Stella Ho, F.C.I.S. is the founder and managing director of NACS. Ms Ho is a Hong Kong based banking and corporate services executive, who is well known through Asia and the industrialized world for her work in offshore company operations and related corporate services. She has more than 15 years experience in these fields, comprising:

  • Hong Kong and international experience with the Bank of China Group, AMRO Bank, and Citibank.
  • Hong Kong and international experience as Manager, General Manager, Senior Vice President, and Managing Director of Corporate Services operations servicing thousands of client companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world.

Stella and NACS have a very well established reputation for their total commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry, as well as being exceptionally innovative in developing optimal organizational and work structures for off-shore company operations. NACS operates in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Arrangements can potentially be made for other languages.

NACS has a very strong and complete network of associations with all of the major banks and the leading law and accounting firms in Hong Kong. This includes long term associations with the leading Chinese banks, and the leading international banks with major Chinese involvement in the China trade, which NACS can employ to significantly facilitate qualifying companiesˇ¦ operations with China. Further, NACS has a long established and extensive multidisciplinary network of international professional advisors and correspondents (lawyers, accountants, bankers, and business consultants) to enable it to provide the highest quality and most professional levels of customer service to all its regional and international clients.

NACS's clients come from a very wide and diverse range of economic sectors, including:

agriculture, the chemical industry, construction and engineering maintenance, the energy industry, engineering companies, entertainment, fashion and the garment industry, financial services, high technology, the hotel and travel industry, manufacturing, the natural resource industry, retail and wholesale distribution, telecommunications, transportation and mass transportation, and the professions.

NACS's clients are widely spread geographically, come from all over the developed and developing world, including:

Africa, Australia, Austria, China (including especially Hong Kong), Belgium, Canada, Central and South America, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, many Middle Eastern countries, Poland, Russia, all of Scandinavia, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, The United States.

Facts about Hong Kong:

NACS is located in the heart of much of Hong Kong's business activity, in Kowloon, or more exactly in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is in a very convenient location, adjacent to the famous Nathan Road, and close to the major hotels and the fast and convenient Hong Kong subway (the MTR). NACS operates around the globe from these offices, as well as from its developing offices in China.

Hong Kong remains one of Asia's most vigorous and dynamic business, financial, and trading centers. It has long been the principal entrepot for international trade with much of China, particularly South China. It is one of the world's largest financial centers ranking next after New York, Frankfort, Tokyo, and London. With its continuing role as the major location for the international stock market capitalization of leading Chinese companies, its financial operations have taken on an importance far beyond that which would be expected if it was solely concerned with Hong Kong companies and the Hong Kong economy.

Hong Kong reverted to China in 1997, as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, and for 50 years its property, legal, economic, social, financial, taxation and free customs systems are bound to remain largely unchanged. Hong Kong has a very well developed legal system firmly rooted in English law, which is also bound by international treaty to be maintained, as all parties understand that this element is a vital part of the continued success of Hong Kong economically. The treaty bound new locally dominated Hong Kong government is highly professional and stable. The work ethic of the Hong Kong people is famous around the world. The Chinese links with Hong Kong are fast coming to the fore.

Hong Kong provides capital, services, and management to Chinese based enterprises, and to major Chinese infrastructure developments. These vitally important factors, coupled with China's supply of land, low cost but efficient labor, and an enormous developing market, have led Hong Kong to become China's leading source of capital, and for China to continue its very rapid growth in international trade ˇV much through Hong Kong, its main trading partner.

Hong Kong's banking and communications systems are very advanced; they handle its huge regional and international trade operations routinely, and are rated very highly internationally.