Why offshore?
The reasons for starting offshore operations:

For some years now there has been a fast growing movement by profitable and efficient international entrepreneurs, business people and companies to use offshore companies and related organizational changes in their international operations, as well as associated offshore corporate business services.

Why are all these leaders in international business moving in this direction, and so fast?

 Here are some of the main reasons for this important trend:

Trading profits can be maximized by retaining profits in an offshore company formed for the purpose in a tax-free offshore country.
  • The very attractive differentials between the low costs of a low cost production area and the high prices of a high-income market can be kept intact.
  • This trading practice can even be developed with the right offshore location and Common Market operations.
  • Offshore holding companies can be operated to retain, and invest, high offshore trading profit margins.
International royalty payments on intellectual property can be accumulated in an offshore sub licensee company, and may permit tax payment reductions.
International professionals may accumulate untaxed profits on their operations by subcontracting their work through an offshore company.
Ship ownership can be held by certain offshore located companies that permit the owners to avoid direct and indirect taxes on their operations.
Certain offshore locations permit insurance and reinsurance operations with no taxation on premium and investment income.
Absolute confidentiality concerning the ownership and the financial operations of an offshore company can be assured and maintained with the right offshore location. Total control by the company's owners is guaranteed.
Many offshore jurisdictions are very stable, have well established English law based legal systems, and a long history of problem free offshore company operations.
Offshore company director requirements can be simple, and can be fulfilled confidentially and professionally as a service from NACS. Offshore company reporting and secretarial duties also can be straightforward and can be professionally fulfilled by NACS's experts.
Offshore company ownership, and jurisdiction, can often be simply and rapidly changed at the owner's request by NACS. Offshore company liquidation can be simple and inexpensive.
A number of major offshore locations require no annual financial reporting. All major international banks operate heavily in these locations.
Certain offshore locations offer banking operations that feature no taxation on interest, and tax-free local bonds. Some offshore locations feature no capital gains taxation. Existing tax treaties can bring attractive overall tax savings for an offshore investment company with attractive property in a high tax location.